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Customer Information
Services Requested
Project Environmental Conditions

Please provide anticipated peak conditions data and bathymetry for the project location and please attach any load calculations used to design the project so far.


Low Water Level (If bathymetric map is not supplied)

Water Level Variation

Frequency of Water Level Change

Normal Water Level (typical)

Significant Wave Height

Maximum Wave Height

Maximum Wind Velocity (Sustained for 30 seconds)

Fetch (distance travelled by wind and waves over open water)

Total Area of Water Covered by Floating Array

Panel Angle

Panel Type

Inverter Type

Anchor Type

Anchor Configuration

Body of Water Type

Type of Water

Project Structure

Please e-mail any available lay out drawings, bathymetry scans, water level data and any other engineering or design documents that communicate the project’s intentions to

We will be in touch soon!

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